Multi-Fiber Cable Assembly
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What  is a Multi-Fiber Cable Assembly?

Any fiber optic cable that is capable of supporting multiple users or  devices from one point to another.  A trunk cable is a convenient and  economical alternative to running multiple jumpers or  individual cables.  It can have from 4 to 96 fibers per trunk and  distribute multiple data channels.

Why  is Factory Termination Important?

·         High Quality,

·         Low dB Loss Terminations

·         Reduced Contractor Labor Cost

·         Ultra Fast Installation

·         Lowest Installed Cost

·         Quick Delivery

No Highly Trained Expensive Technicians Needed What  is a Pulling Eye?

Apulling  eye assembly is a protective sleeve with a strength member that attaches  around one end of a pre-terminated fiber trunk cable to allow for easy, safe  installation.  The plastic sleeve protects the connections, while the  strength member (tested to 60 lbs pressure) allows you pull the cable  through floors, ceilings and walls.  This assembly has been used by  countless contractors with excellent results.


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